• Realize the full potential...
    Realize the full potential...
    ...of your leadership, your team, your business.
    "We support leaders to embrace their highest possibilities - to be leaders worth following."
    - Wendy Wilson

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Leadership Coaching 

Realize your full potential as a leader.


High Performance Teams

Build an"us" mentality and behaviour that fosters trust.

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Leadership Program

Develop your powerful, authentic leadership.


About Wendy Wilson Group

Wendy Wilson Group (WWG) is a coaching and leadership development business committed to supporting leaders, teams and organizations to produce outstanding results through the growth and development of their people. It has been successfully serving clients for over 10 years.

At its core, WWG is about holding high possibilities for individuals and teams, and working with them to rise to their potential and develop their authentic leadership.

Wendy Wilson is the founder and principal of WWG, and she works with a team of highly qualified coaches to meet client objectives. While based in the Toronto area, WWG works with clients across North America, including Fortune 500 companies, successful medium and small businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations.